Thursday, 5 October 2017

Tina Mba Has A Word For People Who Compromise Everything To be Like Others

Veteran Nollywood actress, Tina Mba in a recent interview with City People Magazine, bared her mind on people who compromise everything just to be like other people.

Mba believes the first thing to know in life is who you are and where you are going.

She said;

“First thing is to know who I am. I can’t compromise that. It’s what I want. And I can’t see another person. I am not into the band wagon effect. It doesn’t move me because I know where I am going. And I really know who I am. I have defined me. This is how I want to goo I will observe whats going on around me. I will learn from it. It doesn’t really matter whats going on around me.

But I do not necessarily have to be part of it because I know that somehow, some where, the path I have gone through some people will come after it and determine it is a way to go. People keep asking me: how do you do it? How have you come this far? You are still here, when some have come and gone. I say to them well its a choice. When it got tough I stayed. When it is getting better I am here. When it will be good and better, God willing, I will be here.
It is just a matter of determining that this is where you want to go and this is where you want to be. I do not say to myself in so, so number of years I am going to have done this I can’t determine that. I am not God. But I can hope that in 5 years, it will be better. I have seen kids through school. My last kid is in 3rd year UNI and that’s no mean feat.

Forget that I am single, even people who are married have issues. God has blessed me with great children. I have 2 biological children and grand children. It is just the way it is. Get your mind right. Don’t let the pressure of society, or the pressure of somebody is driving a Range Rover, or aeroplane or somebody has a shop that is bigger than Eko Hotel, move you.
We all have our calling. We all have our time. We can’t all be like that. I am me. What drives many of is: This is me, but I want to be like you. Then I get into trouble trying to be like you.”

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