Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Mercy Johnson’s Birthday Message To Regina Daniels Is So Beautiful

Nollywood child actor, Regina Daniels was assumed to turn 17 today which was culled from her Wikipedia profile, but Nollywood superstar Actress, Mercy Johnson just confirmed that she’s 16 not 17.

In a beautiful message to the teen actress, Mercy Johnson wrote:

“I remember the first time I carried this Big Baby of mine….Mum is what she calls Me and Yes,She is my Child…..
Happy 16th Birthday Princess …..You are so sweet,Respectful and Hard working….Aunty Rita, you did a great job here…LLNP… loading ……😍😍😍😍”

Regina Daniels who thanked Mercy for the birthday wish, wrote;

“Awww thanks mummy… I have always admired you and still looking up to u. U are a rare gem. I love you”

Here’s what she shared:

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