Sunday, 29 October 2017

Benita Okojie Shares Adorable New Photo of Her Son

Gospel singer Benita Okojie, who welcomed her son a few days back, has shared a new photo of the cute little man.

Benita, in a different post, revealed what she had to do at 38-weeks to fasten the arrival of her son.
She wrote:

At 38 weeks and a few days. My Gynaecologist and doctor advised that I should take long walks and dance to aid baby A's coming faster. There were times I even ran the stairs (carefully o)😂😂.My people, I tried but our prince came at God's time.

Dear mothers, it's just been a few days and I have to salute you. Motherhood is no joke but I'm grateful for every stage and support I have been getting. Conception, carrying a child for 9months and Delievery is still a mystery only God can explain. I'm in awe of God!!! #Tbt

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