Thursday, 12 October 2017

7 Photos That Prove Stephanie Coker Is The Queen Of Braids

TV personality, Stephanie Coker hardly ever wears hairstyles that are not braided and maybe that’s why she launched Krotchet Kulture, a braid hair company.

Crochet twists are huge right now and nobody rocks it better than her.

The TV girl has been spotted rocking various colors such as purple, blue, grey and black. She also changes the curls up and goes for different curls and twists.

1. The Wine Coloured Crotchet Braids

2. The Blue Crotchet Braids

3. Twist Outs

4. Black Crotchet Braids

5. Didi

6. White And Black Braids

7. Braids

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